Positive Input Everyday

Thirty-five years ago, Warren Haskin, entrepreneur and founder of the suite hotel industry began to teach his employees fundamental practices that led to tremendous success in his businesses.

As Warren mentored his associates, he began to systematize the teaching practices and content of what came to be known as the P.I.E. Program. (Positive Input Everyday)

People in the P.I.E. Program
reported several key results:

1) They were happier and more successful in their daily lives.

2) Their satisfaction with life and general outlook improved.

3) Their relationships, business and personal, were much more fulfilling.

4) Their careers advanced more quickly.

Jon Heath : "Help People changed my life completely. No one ever taught me how attitudes affect everything we do, and how easy it is to have the right attitude."

Fred Barnes, Small Business Owner : "I appreciate your style. Like ole Diz used to say, 'if you say you can do it, and you can do it, well, pardner, that ain't bragging....
and you are good!"

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